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Hard Rock Nick Society

About Us

Hard Rock Nick Society is a community-driven project devoted to creating game-fi and passive income opportunities on the Avalanche blockchain.

In Phase 1, we released 111 GEN 0 OG Nick NFTs with 50% AVAX mint reflections evenly distributed to all NFT holders and 10% royalties from secondary sales.

Gen 2 features 77% reflections in honor of $BASED Protocol, our $BASED AutoStaking token with intelligent fee structure that compounds at an 69,420% APY.

Throughout the journey, a Nick may want to take a stop by at Nicks Laundromat or invest into Casino Nodes in the $BASED Dapp.

$BASED DAPP strives to be a convenient way for a NICK to organize and run their Empire during their ascent to becoming a Casino Mogul.

All of this will culminate in later phases with our very own Hard Rock Nick Simulator Pixel Game that incorporates DeFi and storytelling mechanics. Join us on Discord to stay updated.



Rise to the top of the Casino Business! Begin the journey of becoming the legend: Hard Rock Nick.

  • Phase 0
    • GEN 0 NFT Launch

      The first 111 OG Nicks! 50% of all AVAX minted to holders and 100% of all royalties from secondary sales.

    • Kalao, NFT Marketplace verification

      100% of royalties from secondary sales directly to holders

    • Community Event Airdrops!

      Community Event Airdrops! Follow Twitter and Discord to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements.

    • Governance

      Create and vote proposals for the Hard Rock Nick Society. Vote on proposals with your Nicks! 1 Nick = 1 vote. More Nicks = more votes. More votes = more power.

    • GEN 1 NFT Launch

      The rest of the Nicks take the spotlight!

  • Phase 1
    • $BASED Token Launch

      The $BASED autocompounding token backbone of the HRNS ecosystem.

    • GEN 2 NFT Launch

      More Nicks please!

    • $BASED Airdrops


    • Nicks Casino Business

      Invest in Casino Nodes and compound your rewards. Watch as your empire grows!

    • Marketing

      $BASED protocol listing and marketing.

  • Phase 2
    • $BASED Wrapped & Lottery

      Wrapped $BASED & $BASED no-loss lottery

    • Surprise


  • Phase 3
    • Hard Rock Nick Simulator

      Become Nick: dodge shady villains, find clues, grow your empire and rise to prominence as a Casino Mogul. Discover Easter Eggs and exclusive NFTs in a unique narrative-driven P2E Game.

  • Phase 4
    • Hard Rock Party

      Live events and more tba.

Based Devs

  • SaturnSaturn
  • mercury
  • neptune

Vice Presidents

  • jupiter
    VP of Merchandising
  • Venus
    VP of Finance
  • Uranus
    VP of Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an NFT?

    NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time and they are secured by the blockchain: no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence. Refer to this video to get started.

  • How is "minting" different than buying a NFT?

    When you mint an NFT, you are creating an entirely new token and becoming the first owner of that particular asset. When you buy an NFT on a marketplace you are buying a token that has already been minted and is often priced higher than the original mint (creation) price.

  • How can I mint a Hard Rock Nick Society NFT?

    Right on this website at the mint section!

  • Where can I view or sell my NFT after minting?

    Currently we are verified on Kalao marketplace and Tofu NFT.

  • How do I setup the Avalanche network for MetaMask?

    Check out this official tutorial by the team at Avalanche.